Who can take a road test at Drive Smart Georgia?

Who can take a road test at Drive Smart Georgia?

Due to recent legislation, more people can now take a convenient on-site road test at Drive Smart Georgia. So, exactly who qualifies and how can you book one today?

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When you’re ready to take your Georgia driver’s license test, you could head to the DDS. Well, first you must make an appointment (which could be a couple of months away or longer) and then expect to wait (and wait!) once you get there.

Convenient on-site road tests at Drive Smart Georgia help nervous teens and adults pass by eliminating sweaty palms and calming jumpy nerves. Why? Because our examiners are experienced, caring and patient; not rushed and overworked like those at the DDS.

In fact, a road test at Drive Smart Georgia is a walk in the park compared to the chaos and long wait times at the DDS. So, take a deep breath and read more reasons why teens and adults should take their road test to get a Georgia driver’s license on-site at one of our three Drive Smart Georgia locations.

Who can take a road test at Drive Smart Georgia?

Drive Smart Georgia

In the past, only teens who completed our 30-hour Driver’s Ed course and 6 hours of in-car driving lessons were eligible to take an on-site road test at Drive Smart Georgia.

Drive Smart Georgia now administers Georgia road tests for adults due to a new state law that went into effect on July 1, 2021. If you are age 18 or older, there are no class or driving lesson requirements to be able to take your road test at Drive Smart Georgia.

Let’s take a good look at the guidelines to be able to book an on-site road test today.

On-site road test for 16- and 17-year-old teens

All 16- and 17-year-old students must complete a 30-hour Driver’s Ed course (at our school, another school or online) and at least 6 hours of driving lessons at Drive Smart Georgia prior to scheduling an on-site road test. The cost is $129.

On-site road test for age 18 and over

Due to a new Georgia Law, Drive Smart Georgia can now test anyone 18 years or older for their driver’s license. You must have a valid learner’s permit to take the road test and you are not required to take any driving lessons. In addition, you must call by Thursday the week before you want to take the test. All adult (18 & older) road tests must be taken from 9:00 am-2:00 pm Monday – Friday, depending on availability. The fee is $129. All 18 & over road tests must be booked over the phone.

Advantages of taking the road test at Drive Smart Georgia

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You can actually avoid DDS hassles altogether. Drive Smart Georgia is a state-authorized third-party examiner. Here are the advantages of taking your Georgia driver’s license test with us.

Quick and easy scheduling

Simply call one of our three locations to set up your test appointment when you’re ready to take the Georgia driver’s license test. Our friendly office staff will work with you to get your desired date and time.

Your test will start on time

Our examiners make every effort humanly possible to start the test on time. You won’t have to wait in a big room with strangers while your nerves increase with every passing minute.

Pre-test conference addresses any weak areas

You’ll meet with your examiner for 10-15 minutes before you take the Georgia driver’s license test. He or she will discuss your driving strengths and review any weak areas you might have. When it’s time to take the test, you can pay more attention to your weaknesses during the road skills portion of the test.

Test with friendly and well-trained examiners

Our Georgia driver’s license test examiners must undergo a thorough process through the DDS to become certified. Plus, you might even take lessons with the same person who will conduct your Georgia driver’s license test!

Take your test on familiar roads

When you take your Georgia driver’s license test at Drive Smart Georgia, you’ll take it on similar roads you traveled when you took your in-car lessons. That means you’ll be relaxed and able to demonstrate your good driving skills to the test examiner.

Disadvantages of taking the road test at the DDS

If you decide to take your road test at a Georgia DDS office, be prepared to pack your patience.

The test can be delayed if the schedule gets backed up

Your time is valuable, but the DDS doesn’t seem to get that. You might sign up for a 2:00 pm test time but could wait one to two additional hours if the DDS examiners get backed up. Be sure to pack your patience and expect delays.

You might have to wait one month or more to take your Georgia driver’s license test

You’ve taken Driver’s Ed and completed your required 40 hours of driving, so it’s time to take the road test, right? Well, yes and no. You might be 100% ready, but when you go on to the DDS website, the first available testing time could be one month or more away. Who wants to wait that long?

Always expect the unexpected

The DDS can unexpectedly close for a variety of reasons, including weather and operational issues. It could be a total bummer if you’re ready to take your Georgia driver’s license test, but the DDS is closed that day. So, you’re back to square one.

The examiner is a complete stranger

Let’s face it. DDS employees are overworked and underpaid. Plus, you might happen to catch one having a bad day. Not all test examiners will greet you with a smile and offer encouraging words, like we do.

You’re not familiar with the roads around the DDS

It’s hard enough to remember how to parallel park, back up, perform a turnabout, and properly yield the right-of-way. Now, imagine doing all that on roads that you’ve never driven. Do you see your stress level going up?

On-site road test at Drive Smart Georgia: $129

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Take the road test to get a Georgia driver’s license test at one of our Drive Smart Georgia locations in Cumming, Johns Creek, or Alpharetta – not at a crowded DDS office. It includes a pre-test conference with one of our friendly examiners.

Best value: Road test tune-up + on-site road test: $175

  • Best value!
  • Practice your road skills before taking the test
  • Includes a 2-hour refresher course to build confidence before the road test!

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