Road Test

Why spend hours (and hours!) waiting to take the drivers license test at the DDS? Students can take an on-site road test at any one of our Drive Smart Georgia locations. Now, that really is smart, not to mention a time-saver for time-crunched parents!


  • Per DDS regulations, 16- and 17-year-old students must complete a 30-hour Drivers Ed course (at our school, another school or online) and at least 6 hours of driving lessons at Drive Smart Georgia prior to scheduling an on-site road test.
  • Due to a new Georgia Law, Drive Smart Georgia can now test anyone 18 years or older for their driver’s license. You must have a valid learner’s permit to take the road test. You are not required to take any driving lessons.
  • High 93% pass rate
  • Pre-conference review with examiner before test
  • Friendly examiners and a stress-free environment

Tune-Up & On-Site Road Test

Take your Road Test at one of our locations to avoid the chaos at the DDS.


  • Practice your road skills before taking the test
  • 2-hour refresher course builds confidence!
On-Site Road Test


  • Take test with us in a new Prius!
  • Stress-free environment
Fine Print
  • 30-hour class or online course and at least 6 hours must BOTH be completed at Drive Smart Georgia prior to scheduling.

To get started, select a location to register at below!

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