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We make it easy to pick the right package that matches your teen driver’s needs. Scroll down to learn more.

Drivers Ed

The Best Option: Classroom or Zoom Drivers Ed
with driving lessons

Because teens retain more information when they are engaged in hands-on Drivers Ed activities, Drive Smart Georgia HIGHLY recommends our classroom packages. Due to Covid-19, we offer classes on Zoom with a real teacher in real time.

In-person and Zoom classes are now available through April 4, 2022.
Road Wise


  • 30 classroom hours
  • Real teacher in real time on Zoom or…
  • A classroom setting
  • 6 hours of in-car lessons
  • 10% ($300+) insurance savings

Acceptable option for super busy teens:
Online Drivers Ed with in-car driving lessons

We get it! Although we HIGHLY recommend our in-class or Zoom real-time classes, we also understand that teens have incredibly busy schedules. Students are able to start and stop the online program to fit their individual schedules. For this reason, our online options may be the perfect fit for active teens-on-the-go.

Upon registration, course login information will be sent to you within 72 hours.

Flexible start/stop option for busy teens!
Online Basics


  • 30-hour online Drivers Ed course
  • Flexible program allows for start/stop option
  • Satisfies Joshua's Law
  • 6 hours of in-car lessons
Online Essentials


  • 30-hour online Drivers Ed course
  • Flexible program allows for start/stop option
  • 6 hours of in-car lessons
  • Includes an on-site road test (save $10)

In-Car Driving Lessons

Did your teen finish Drivers Ed, but needs more driving lessons? We now offer “extra” lessons for teens and adults.
The Basics


  • 2 hours of in-car lessons
  • $75 / hour

Tune-Up & On-Site Road Test

Avoid the hassle of the DDS and take your road test with us!


  • Practice your road skills before taking the test
  • 2-hour refresher course builds confidence!

The DSG Blog

Drivers Ed classes in Alpharetta launch successfully

Drive Smart Georgia was excited to launch our first Drivers Ed classes in Alpharetta at our new location. The first in-person class took place over ...

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