Gift ideas for new teen drivers: 2023 edition

Gift ideas for new teen drivers: 2023 edition

Be sure to check out these 8 gift ideas for new teen drivers if a newly licensed teenager is on your 2023 holiday shopping list. They range in price and all commemorate the big milestone of getting a driver’s license for the first time.

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but if it’s related to driving, it’s sure to be a hit. First, find the perfect gift for your new driver. Then, play Santa with one of these gift ideas for new teen drivers – just in time for the 2023 holiday shopping season.

#1: Emergency road kit gift idea for new teen drivers

gift ideas for new teen drivers
No parent likes to think about a potential roadside emergency, but if one should arise, make sure your new driver is prepared to handle it. AAA offers a 42-piece emergency kit that’s stocked with what every vehicle needs, including a car care guide, 8-gauge booster cable, flashlight with batteries, emergency poncho, duct tape, screw driver, assorted sizes of fuses, first aid necessities, storage bag, and more. This great idea for new teen driver costs $49.49 and includes free shipping from Dec. 21-24, 2023 on Amazon.

#2 – AAA membership

gift ideas for new teen drivers

This may not be the coolest gift ever, but a AAA membership will give concerned parents peace of mind, especially when teens leave for college. Priced at just $75, a classic annual membership provides up to 5 miles of towing, free jump starts and battery service, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, tire change with your spare, identity theft monitoring, and lockout services up to $50. Head to the AAA website for more information or to sign up.

#3 – Keychains with a message

gift ideas for new teen drivers

Teens are excited to hit the road after getting their license, but parents always worry. New driver key chains remind your teen to exercise caution on the road and return home safely. Different versions feature sayings such as “Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly,” “All roads lead home no matter where you roam,” and “Be safe. Have fun. Come home.” Head to the website to choose from different new driver key chains with a safety message.

#4 – Night driving glasses or driving sunglasses

Gift ideas for new teen drivers

Bright sunlight can be be blinding. Driving at night can also be difficult due to glare and reflection. A good pair of night driving glasses or sunglasses will cut down the glare and make it easier to see the road and other cars. There is a wide variety of driving glasses, including specific styles for daytime and night driving. So, for tips on choosing a good pair, head to

#5 – Digital tire pressure gauge with rescue tools

Keep this multi-use tool in all your family’s vehicles for emergencies and tire maintenance.

Comes equipped with a lanyard and a magnet for easy hanging.

Features include tire pressure gauge, LED flashlight, tire tread depth meter and tire pressure release tool.

Features that can be used in the event of an accident or emergency include LED flashlight, glass breaker, flashing emergency light, and a seat belt cutter.

Stores easily in a glove box.. 2 AAA batteries needed (not included).

Just $21.41 with Amazon Prime delivery: Dec. 20-23, 2023. Click here to order.

#6 – Extra driving lessons

gift ideas for new teen drivers

Just because your teenager has a license to drive alone, he might not be 100% ready to do so. For peace of mind, parents have the option to purchase extra in-car driving lessons with a certified professional. Prices start at $229 for a 2-hour session and go up to $499 for three 2-hour lessons. So, head to for more information and to purchase extra driving lessons online.

#7 – Car wash cleaning tool kit

The 9-piece Wontolf Car Wash Brush Kit is the ultimate collection of car cleaning tools. It includes tools to make washing the car a breeze. It’s perfect for new drivers who need to get the whole experience of driving and owning an automobile, including keeping it clean for the next ride.

Includes 4 aluminum extension poles, two microfiber mitts, one windshield squeegee, one microfiber towel, and one car wheel/tire brush.

Just $22.99 with Amazon Prime delivery on Dec. 20 – 23, 2023.

Click here to order from Amazon.

#8 – 3-pack of security alarm key chains

The emergency alarm makes a piercing sound to draw attention to protect your teen from having an emergency even at distances as far as 600 ft.

The batteries last up to 365 days before they need to be replaced.

With LED lights, the emergency alarms can be applied for night lighting, are suitable for people of all ages such as students, elderly, children, women, night workers and more.

The safety alarm keychain can be attached to women’s handbags, backpacks, belt loops, keys, dog leashes and more.

Just $11.99 for three keychains with Prime delivery from Dec. 21 – 23, 2023. Click here to order from Amazon.

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