Free Road Test Tune-up extended through March!

Free Road Test Tune-up extended through March!


Get a free Road Test Tune-up (a $229 value) with the purchase of our Drive Smart package (includes the 30-hour class, 6 hours of in-car driving lessons, AND a super convenient on-site road test). Simply pick this package and you’ll get a FREE Road Test Tune-up to reduce sweaty palms and calm nerves before taking the road test to get a Georgia driver’s license. Students can take an in-person or Zoom class in January, February or March 2023.

We’re truly excited to be able to offer a super promotion to our valued customers. It’s our best deal in nearly three years!

What exactly is a Road Test Tune-up?

We’re so glad you asked! A Road Test Tune-Up is a two-hour lesson and evaluation. It’s the perfect way to assess a driver’s road test readiness.

In addition to practicing all basic road skills (straight line backing, parallel parking and the turnabout), overall driving behavior will be evaluated to make sure teens and adults are prepared to pass the road test.

If students have not had a lesson in over a month, it’s a great way to sharpen up those driving skills. When taken just before the road test, students are apt to be relaxed and much more confident.

All the details to get your free Road Test Tune-up:

  • Pick a location.
  • Choose any in-person or Zoom class in January, February, or March.
  • Be sure to pick the “Drive Smart” level to qualify for the free $229 Road Test Tune-up.
  • Click on the green “Register” button under the class you want.
  • Look for “Have a coupon?” on the checkout page. Click on “click here to enter your code.”
  • In the Coupon Code box, enter this code: tuneup.
  • Continue to enter your information and then click on “Place Order.”

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When to take the Road Test Tune-up

When your teen has completed the 30-hour Driver’s Ed class and three 2-hour in-car driving lessons, you can call our office to schedule the Road Test Tune-up.

We strongly recommend that you schedule it for one month prior to taking the actual road test to refresh those skills and reinforce what your teen learned in class and on the road.

Even more information

  • To book an in-person Drivers Ed class, CLICK HERE.
  • CLICK HERE to view our schedule of upcoming in-person Drivers Ed classes.
  • For frequently asked questions and answers about our in-person Drivers Ed classes, CLICK HERE.
  • CLICK HERE to get our free newsletter and teen driving tips for parents!

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