The facts are in: Drivers Ed produces safer drivers

The facts are in: Drivers Ed produces safer drivers

You worried when your child strapped on a helmet and kneepads and learned how to ride a bike. Of course, you’re going to worry when it comes time to learn how to drive a car. As a concerned parent, you want only the best for your beloved child.  Well, the facts are in: Drivers Ed produces safer drivers.

You may think that teaching your child the rules of the road is the safest route, but that just isn’t the best method. A recent study by the AAA Foundation revealed that teens who go through a structured Drivers Ed program are safer on the roads. They are involved in fewer car crashes and receive fewer convictions than those taught by mom or dad. That’s because teens tend to listen more to professionals than their own parents. Yes, parents – we all know it’s (sad but) true.

“This research confirms what conventional wisdom tells us – driver education makes a difference,” says Dr. William Van Tassel, AAA Manager of Driver Training Programs. The AAA Foundation also states that new teen drivers are more vulnerable than ever because of recent funding cuts to state certified programs.

The study revealed several key differences between teens who receive driver education and those who do not:

  • Driver education is associated with a lower incidence of both crashes and convictions – reducing crashes by 4.3% and convictions by nearly 40%.
  • Teens who complete driver education programs not only scored higher on the driving exam, they also demonstrated greater long-term knowledge over their peers who did not take drivers ed.

The glaring and worrisome truth is that automobile accidents remain the no. 1 cause of death for teenagers, yet fewer new drivers are participating in what used to be a rite of passage – formal Driver Education. Don’t be THAT parent who thinks it’s too costly or a waste of time. The facts are in. Drivers Ed saves lives. It could save the life of your own child. What’s more important – another outrageously expensive prom dress or drivers ed? The choice is clear, especially for a concerned parent like you.

Ultimately, the most sure-fire way to get proper training is to go to the professionals, like Drive Smart Georgia. A Drivers Ed course teaches valuable road skills and knowledge of the law and establishes the foundation for lifelong skills. Your new teen driver deserves only the best.

For more information about keeping new teen drivers safe on the roads, check out these online resources:

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