Teen driver tips: Is your child ready for a driver’s license?

Teen driver tips: Is your child ready for a driver’s license?

Your child has taken the required 30-hour driver’s education class and practiced driving. But… is your teen ready for a driver’s license? Follow these teen driver tips from Drive Smart Georgia to find the answer to this all-important question.

Teen driver tips:
Readiness is key

There honestly is not “one answer fits all.” If your teen has taken in-car lessons with a pro and practiced with mom or dad, the answer might be a resounding, “Yes!” However, many teens need even more practice, so the answer could be a definite, “No.”

At Drive Smart Georgia, we see it all the time. A new driver goes through the entire learning process with us, but he or she is still not ready to take the road test. In other words, students sometimes get stuck in neutral. The good news is that it’s common and there’s an easy fix. So, as a concerned parent, what can you do to help your teen become a more self-assured, safe driver?

Teen driver tips: Green light! Your child IS ready for a driver’s license

teen driver tips green light

Your new driver is confident and cautious. He passed driver’s ed with flying colors and received “green lights” from his in-car driving instructors. Is he ready to pass the road test to get a driver’s license? Yes. But…

After he gets that coveted license, be sure to keep an eye on him. Of all our teen driver tips, this is the most important. Overly confident drivers are not always the most cautious.

Boys tend to fall in this category of new drivers. This confidence plus newfound freedom can add up to a recipe for disaster. According to the Centers for Disease Control, teens are three times more likely to crash during their first year of driving.

What’s next?

It’s OK to hand your teen driver the keys, but be sure to keep an eye on him and his driving habits. Insist that he checks in with you after arriving at his destination. Talk to him about the dangers of taking unnecessary risks. Set rules and consequences for violating those rules. Continue to review teen driver tips and safety precautions.

On the other hand, your new driver may be confident AND cautious. This is a great combination. Your child is 100% ready for a driver’s license. But remember, he or she is a NEW and inexperienced driver.

Don’t hand over the keys and think your job is done. Parental involvement and supervision is the key to keeping your new driver safe on the road. According to Safe Kids, “Driver inexperience is the #1 cause for teen crashes, closely followed by night/drowsy driving, speeding/racing, distractions, low seat belt use and impaired driving.”

Teen driver tips: Red light! Your child is NOT ready for a driver’s license

teen driver tips red light

So, your teen completed driver’s education and has driven with you a ton. That means he or she is ready for a driver’s license, right? Not all teens are fully prepared at this point. They may need extra practice or are fearful of the road test.

If this is the case, then wait. There is no need to rush it, especially if your teen is sending you signals that she isn’t ready. So, what can you do to help your teen become a more confident, safe driver? Practice, practice, practice!

What’s next?

We know, it may not be your favorite thing, but riding in the car with your teen is essential to develop lifelong good driving habits. Start by following our teen driver safety tips.

Then, loosen the death grip and go for a spin with your new driver. Don’t gasp at every stop or turn. Don’t repeat “Slow down!” ten times during your ride around the neighborhood. Don’t close your eyes and “do” a squinty face during lane changes.

If you get sweaty palms just thinking about teaching your teen how to drive, have no fear. Drive Smart Georgia’s professional, AAA-approved instructors are the best in Atlanta. Plus, our fleet of vehicles come equipped with an extra brake – just in case. Our in-car lessons start at $150 and we offer free pick-ups and drop-offs from school or home.

Yes, it’s hard to do because all new drivers are inexperienced ones. However, with practice and patience, they will become more confident and ultimately safer drivers on the road.

Teen driver tips:
Practice those skills!

teen driver tips drive smart georgia

It’s also helpful to practice road test techniques; like parallel parking, turnabout, and straight-line backing. Because Drive Smart Georgia has the largest practice facility in the city, there’s always room to work on these essential skills at one of our three locations.

Sundays are especially good because we don’t conduct on-site road tests that day. Our customers are always welcome to use our practice facility as long as a student is not on the course during an active lesson.

Stuck in Neutral?

When your new driver gets stuck in neutral, follow our teen driver tips. Simply shift into practice and patience mode. It will go a long way to building their long-term self-confidence as a safe driver.

So, is your teen ready for a driver’s license? Review our teen driver tips and then make that determination. You have the keys to success, parents!

For tips on passing the driving test in Georgia, be sure to check out this article.

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