How to prepare for and what to expect in Drivers Ed classes

How to prepare for and what to expect in Drivers Ed classes

Yikes! Your child is ready to start taking Drivers Ed. It’s a major rite of passage and the first true step to independence. However, it’s also a worrisome time for concerned parents. When your teen is ready to start taking a Drivers Ed class (like one offered at Drive Smart Georgia), here’s what parents and teens can do to prepare. Plus, what students can expect.

Tips for Mom or Dad:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Be a good role model – Follow traffic laws, put down that phone, don’t drive aggressively, and always wear a seat belt.
  • Talk to your child about what he is learning in class.
  • Read up on Georgia’s Joshua’s Law to learn what’s required to obtain a license.
  • Check out these new driver resources: Toyota Teen Drive 365, AAA Keys 2 Drive
  • Book in-car lessons early to secure the most convenient times to fit your child’s busy schedule.
  • Take another deep breath. It will be OK!

Questions and Answers for students and parents:

Q: What do students need to bring to class?
A. When students come to Drivers Ed class for the first time, they need to bring their permit (if they have one) and a positive attitude. All course materials are provided at Drive Smart Georgia. Students should dress for outdoor activities.

Q: When should students arrive for class?
A. Students should arrive no sooner than 30 minutes and no later than 10 minutes before class start time. All classes begin ON TIME. Parents should plan to arrive 10 minutes before class dismissal to pick up students on time.

Q: Will students get to drive before Drivers Ed?
A: Drive Smart Georgia prefers to do the actual in-car lessons after students have gained a solid foundation of knowledge in a classroom setting. However, based on driving experience, some students drive prior to the class.

Q: Can a student miss one day of Drivers Ed?
A. If absolutely necessary. However, the majority of our classes reach capacity (especially during the busy summer months) and the State of Georgia allows only 30 students per class. Therefore, your child may have to wait a few weeks to make-up a missed class.

Q: When should I schedule In-Car Driving Lessons?
A: We prefer that our Drivers Ed graduates get in at least 20 hours of driving experience before starting in-car lessons. All in-car lessons must be completed within six months of completion of the 30-hour classroom section.

Q: What are On-Site Road Tests?
A: The Dept. of Driver Services (DDS) allows driving schools to become certified as Third Party Test Facilities. This means that Drive Smart Georgia students can take their actual road test examination at one of our two locations.

Q: Can anyone take a Road Test at Drive Smart Georgia?
A: No. Only students who complete the 30-hour Drivers Ed classroom program AND at least six hours of in-car lessons are eligible to take their road test at Drive Smart Georgia.

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