Drivers Ed discounts and coupons for spring and summer 2018

Drivers Ed discounts and coupons for spring and summer 2018

What parent doesn’t love to save money? Drive Smart Georgia is offering Drivers Ed discounts and coupons that can be applied to all spring and early summer classes. So, be sure to book now to save and secure a spot in our summer classes that sellout early.

Drivers Ed discounts: Last two days to save $75

drivers ed discounts drive smart georgia

Our Easter Sale is still in full swing, but hurry. . However, the $75 Drivers Ed discount ends on April 11, 2018. So, simply use discount code EASTER online or on the phone to save $75 on any April, May or June Drivers Ed class at Drive Smart Georgia. Remember, sale ends on April 11, 2018.

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Drivers Ed discounts: Save $50 on any class

In case you missed the Easter Sale at Drive Smart Georgia, have no fear. That’s because we are also offering a $50 Drivers Ed discount from April 12 – May 17, 2018. The discount code is APRIL and it’s applicable on any Drivers Ed class in April, May or June.

Drivers Ed discounts: Save on groups

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Drive Smart Georgia understands that taking Drivers Ed isn’t on a teen’s “Top 10 Favorite Things To Do” list. Most teens are a bit shy the first day of class because they don’t know anyone.

That’s why we offer Drivers Ed discounts for groups. Parents can save money and teens can take Drivers Ed with friends or teammates. It’s a win-win!

  • $75 off per person in a 5- to 9-person group
  • $85 off per person in a 10- to 14-person group
  • $100 off per person in a 15+ person group

Instructions for using Drivers Ed discounts
for groups

Do you have a group in mind? Then, just call us today and we’ll assign a Group Discount code that can be used by everyone in your group. It’s just that easy!

Where can you use Drivers Ed discounts?

Drive Smart Georgia has three locations in Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Cumming. To take advantage of the Drivers Ed discounts and coupon codes, call our Johns Creek location at (770) 232-0903, Alpharetta at (770) 232-0900, or Cumming at (470) 239-4294. You can also register online at The above Drivers Ed discounts and coupon codes are available at any of our three locations.

The cost almost pays for itself with a tax credit, insurance savings,
and Drivers Ed discounts and coupons.

Drivers Ed discounts Drive Smart Georgia

That’s right. With a $150 tax credit and up to $300 in insurance savings, the cost of Driver’s Ed almost pays for itself. Then, throw in our $75 or $50 savings and it does. Happy saving, mom and dad!

More reasons to use Drivers Ed discounts and coupons at Drive Smart Georgia

Teen driver Drive Smart Georgia

  • Free pick-up and drop-offs before and after driving lessons
  • AAA-approved high energy program that specializes in new teen drivers
  • Eco-friendly fleet of Toyota Priuses
  • State-of-the-art classrooms with
    huge 70″ smartboards
  • Largest practice and testing facilities
    in the city
  • 93% pass rate!
  • Best online reviews and on-site road test
  • Convenient online scheduling

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